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Join us at an upcoming SeamlessMD event to keep up to date on emerging digital patient engagement best practices and the latest trending topics in health care. Presented by leading digital health leaders, forward-thinking physicians and healthcare professionals, our webinars deliver insights designed to address optimizing the patient experience, reducing high costs services such as readmissions, length of stay and ED visits. Our team is excited to get back to participating in industry events and welcome the opportunity to meet up with you. Find us at the following events or register for one of our upcoming webinars.

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Top 4 Ways to Enroll Patients in Digital Patient Engagement & Remote Monitoring Programs

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The Winning Digital Health Implementation Playbook: How SeamlessMD takes health systems from kick-off to go-live for Digital Patient Engagement and Remote Patient Monitoring

Learn the exact playbook we use with health systems to implement and scale SeamlessMD’s Digital Care Journeys - recently recognized by KLAS Research as #1 for Improving Outcomes. Discover the strategies and resources we use to accelerate implementations, and the workflows we implement that results in industry-leading reductions on length of stay, readmissions, ED visits and costs. Sign up today to start making impactful changes in your organization!

How Canadian provinces are cutting surgical wait times and backlogs with Digital Care Journeys

Learn how 35+ Canadian hospitals and provincial health systems across Canada - from British Columbia to Ontario to New Brunswick - are engaging patients with technology to improve surgical preparation and discharge safely sooner - leading to lower wait times and higher throughput. Discover strategies that are cutting the backlog, lowering length of stay, and decreasing ER visits and readmissions - all while increasing patient satisfaction. Sign up today to start making impactful changes in your organization!

Reducing Length of Stay, ED Visits and Readmissions: Enabling Safer Transitions from Hospital to Home with Digital Care Journeys

As Canada’s health care system struggles with workforce challenges, surgical backlogs, wait times, and optimizing unnecessary interventions, technology adoption and the shift to delivering digital care improves access to care, the patient experience, and enables higher-value care models. Due to the staff and resource intensive approach of traditional device-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) that can only be used for a small percentage of patients, leading healthcare organizations are adopting Digital Care Journeys to extend the benefits of RPM for broader populations such as surgery, women’s health, oncology and chronic care.

Increase Bariatric Surgery Volumes by Automating Referral to Surgery

Approval for bariatric surgery is a complicated process. What if you could automate and streamline workflows to increase surgery throughput and revenue? Get an inside look into how you can automate and streamline the Bariatric referral to surgery process. You’ll see how you can digitally empower patients to be partners to schedule, coordinate, and track results for pre-surgery milestones to achieve clearance faster, shorten the time to surgery, increase the number of surgeries performed, and accelerate the path to revenue.

Extending Remote Monitoring Beyond Chronic Care to Surgery, Oncology, Women's Health and More

Learn about the latest trends in remote monitoring and how to extend its benefits beyond chronic conditions to more patients - all while using fewer staff resources. If you’re building a business case for remote monitoring that seamlessly transitions care from hospital to home, don’t miss this opportunity to hear how to effectively navigate the remote monitoring landscape.

Automate the Collection of Patient Reported Outcomes

Is PRO collection negatively impacting your ability to accurately inform therapeutic choices, reimbursement decisions, and health policy? Then you won’t want to miss the last session of our virtual Coffee Break Series. During this 15-minute webinar, you will see how Digital Care Journeys automate the collection of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs).

Remote Monitor Patient Recovery Post Discharge

Is a lack of visibility on patient recovery after discharge hurting patient outcomes? Do you feel like you are discharging patients into a black hole? Check out the second session of our virtual Coffee Break Series focused on how to "Remote Monitor CT Patients Recovery Post Discharge."

Deliver Interactive ERAS Education Pre-Op and Post Op

Are you short on time but know you need a better solution for delivering ERAS education that patients follow? Join us for the first session of our virtual Coffee Break Series as Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD, introduces Digital Care Journeys and their role in enhancing cardiothoracic patient education.

Tech Talk: Automating Your ERAS Program for Long Term Sustainability with Digital Care Journeys

This 40-minute tech talk covers how SeamlessMD, a Digital Care Journey platform used by leading health systems such as UAB, Atrium Health, University Hospitals, and Baystate Health, automates Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathways, optimizes patient compliance, improves outcomes, and lowers costs.

Leveling Up Your ERAS Program: How to Effectively Optimize and Scale Across Pathways

This panel discussion with Gina McConnell, ERAS Cardiac Nurse Coordinator at WakeMed, Vicki Morton, Director of Clinical & Quality Outcomes at Providence Anesthesiology Associates and ERAS Program Leader at Novant Health, and Charlette Hart, Director of Surgery Administration at Baylor Scott & White covers the best practices for optimizing and scaling your ERAS program.

Best Practices for Deploying an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program

This interactive discussion will cover key aspects to consider when starting an ERAS program, how to get organizational buy-in across clinical stakeholders and executive leadership, how to form an ERAS committee, the fundamentals to measuring success, and the optimal timing of when and how to scale ERAS across service lines.

Tech Talk: Reduce Your Surgical Backlog with Digital Care Journeys

Is your slow-moving surgical backlog impacting patient care and revenue? Join our webinar on February 23, 2023 to learn how Digital Care Journeys cut through surgical backlogs by boosting same-day surgery and reducing readmissions, LOS, and last-minute cancellations.

Product Talk: Improve your ERAS outcomes with Digital Care Journeys

With ongoing staff shortages, widespread burnout, and time-consuming manual patient education, health systems are struggling to scale their ERAS efforts and relieve the pressure on clinical staff To see how your organization can save time, money, and gain the full benefits of your ERAS program with Digital Care Journeys, watch this on-demand webinar today.

University Hospitals Use Digital Care Journeys to Enhance Recovery After Cardiac Surgery

Hear from Dr. Marc Pelletier, Chief of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospitals to learn how University Hospitals is using Digital Care Journeys for Cardiac Surgery to support their enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) strategy and improve patient outcomes. Earlier this year, University Hospitals received a Patient Engagement Best Practice award from the Ohio Patient Safety Institute in recognition of their ERAS Program and their focus on creating shorter hospital stays, less use of opioids, fewer post-surgical infections, and lower costs for patients.
Fireside Chat

Digital Care Journeys: The New Trend in Patient Engagement

Learn how leading health systems have realized that digital care journeys are key to optimizing the patient experience and reducing high-cost services, such as length of stay, readmissions, and ED visits.

How Atrium Health and UAB Medicine Use Digital Care Journeys to Improve Quality & Patient Safety

As the healthcare industry undergoes transformation, technology has become an integral part of how healthcare providers engage with patients pre, during, and post hospitalization. The right technology can assist with increasing efficiencies, empowering patients, reducing costs, and improving quality and patient safety. Technology such as digital care journeys can improve medication safety, automate delivery of evidence-based education (e.g. ERAS) and enable standardized, high reliability care. Hear how Misty Eller, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Department of Surgery, Atrium Health, and Dr. Daniel Chu, Vice Chair of Health Services Research, UAB Medicine, are leveraging EHR-integrated digital care journeys to improve patient safety.

How MultiCare Health System Delivers Digital Care Journeys to Optimize the Patient Experience

Hear MultiCare Health System’s Ben Chao, President of CareConnect and Paige McCall, Vice President of System Service Lines, discuss how deploying an outcomes-based digital patient engagement platform enables them to engage, monitor, and stay connected with patients across healthcare journeys, standardize care and create a consistent patient experience across regions. The discussion will also cover how the platform self-guides patients through their personalized care journey and how care teams have access to real-time dashboards to remotely monitor patients progress, get alerted to patients at-risk and leverage population level insights to improve care.

Orthopedic Digital Care Journeys: Virtually Guiding Patients Pre & Post Surgery while Collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes

Hear how Dr. Friedrich Boettner, an orthopedic surgeon and specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), recognized the shift to value-based care and identified several areas of improvement that could be solved using a digital patient engagement platform. Specifically, the need for more comprehensive patient education, remote patient monitoring, and more effective methods for collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) than traditional paper-based surveys.

Reduce Backlog & ED Visits with Surgical Remote Monitoring

Implementing a successful Surgical Remote Monitoring program can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In this webinar, you will hear from Caroline Fanti, Director, Regional Surgical Services, TBRHSC, Skylar Christian and Stephanie Vincent, NPs for Remote Patient Monitoring at TBRHSC, as well as Erin McDonald, Regional Surgical Services Clerk at TBRHSC on how Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre complimented their existing workflows to implement Digital Care Journeys–increasing same-day discharge and reducing ED visits and readmissions in the process.

Product Talk: How SeamlessMD Integrates with Epic, Cerner, and Meditech

This 40-minute webinar highlights how SeamlessMD, a digital patient engagement platform that guides patients through episodes of care pre and post-surgery, partners with Epic, Cerner and Meditech to deliver an integrated digital patient experience. Learn how hospitals and health systems such as UAB, Multicare, and Atrium Health integrates SeamlessMD with your EHR using any standard integration interface including HL7, FHIR, SMART on FHIR and Oauth2. Formally tested and approved, SeamlessMD has direct, turn-key FHIR integrations as an approved vendor with Epic App Orchard and Cerner CODE.

Product Talk: How Patients Access SeamlessMD Digital Care Journeys

This 30-minute webinar will highlight how SeamlessMD, a digital patient engagement platform used by leading hospitals and health systems to engage, monitor and stay connected with patients through surgery, oncology, maternity and medical episodes of care - leading to improved outcomes and lower costs. Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO, SeamlessMD will demonstrate how patients can access personalized digital care plans on their smartphones, tablets or computers and are guided through their health conditions or treatments via reminders, education and progress tracking. And how providers receive alerts, monitor patients and access analytics to deliver better care.