Access Out-of-the-Box, Evidence-Based, Care Plan Content for MyChart Care Companion

Awarded by KLAS Research as the #1 content and technology company for Improving Outcomes

Access MyChart Care Companion content for every major condition and procedure

50+ out-of-the-box care plans covering 150+ procedures and conditions, including chronic care, orthopedics, women's health, oncology, cardiology, urology, mental health and more.

Save significant clinician and IT staff time by starting with robust templates. Each care plan contains comprehensive symptom questionnaires and often 50+ tasks and 50+ education pages.

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Easily imported into your Epic environment

  • Care plan packet includes all required questionnaires, educational content, tasks and workflows (timing, alerts, logic) to facilitate MyChart Care Companion workflows for the patient
  • Healthcare organizations download the SeamlessMD Care Plan content app from our Epic Showroom listing via the App Request process. Then SeamlessMD delivers a signed XML package for a specific care plan to the organization for import.

Award-winning, evidence-based care plans proven to improve outcomes

  • Validated by 40+ studies and evaluations using our care plan content to reduce length of stay, readmissions, ED visits, mortality and costs
  • Awarded #1 by KLAS Research for improving outcomes
  • Designed for optimal accessibility by following best practices in health literacy, adult learning, health behavior change and online accessibility

Content experiences loved by patients

  • 96% patients would recommend the program
  • 94% of patients feel less anxious before hospital admission
  • 91% of patients feel more confident with at-home recovery
*Sources for the data can be made available upon request.

Patient Testimonials

“It was like a friend checking up on you. This made my second recovery so much better! I wish I had this for my first C-section!”

“Helped me feel connected and safe, if that makes sense. I knew I was still in your radar and would have help at any time it was needed. I can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that gave me.”

“This program was a “motivator” for me to do all that it asked of me including exercises & walking.. The program was very easy to use / follow even for me as a 73 year old.”

“It made me less depressed and less fearful of what was going on with me.”

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