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How SeamlessMD Works

Digital Patient EngagementOur Digital Care Journeys for Thoracic surgery enable providers to virtually engage, connect and monitor patients before, during, and post hospitalization. The care plans have been developed for patients undergoing lobectomy, bi-lobectomy, pneumonectomy, segmentectomy, wedge, chest wall resection, mediastinal mass resection biopsy, esophagectomy and bronchoscopy. Patients can easily access the SeamlessMD Digital Care Journeys for Thoracic surgery on their own smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Personalized Interactive EducationDeliver interactive personalized care plans, including reminders, to-do-lists, videos, and evidence-based education developed by our experienced team of healthcare specialists and customized to match your protocols. Keep patients on track with pre- and post-op expectations, pre-surgery readiness surveys and digital reminders days to weeks prior to their scheduled surgery allowing patients to self-prepare in advance. Digital reminders and education include self-care tips, appointment reminders and information (e.g., endobronchial ultrasound), eating a healthy lung diet (calcium rich foods), how to check for cold and infection, mobility and specifically exercises that focus on postural, arm and chest clearance, when to stop taking blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medicines prior to surgery, pulmonary rehab, how to do breathing exercises, and more.
Empower Patients with Self-Care ToolsMinimize your patients’ anxiety by giving them access to self-management and self-care tools via an evidence-based digital library they can access 24/7/365. While recovering at home post-surgery, daily health checks prompt patients to self-report data such as symptoms, heart rate, biometrics like blood pressure and weight, feeding tubes and chest tubes, incision photos, fever, pain scores, trouble breathing, swelling and more through the platform remotely, enabling them to actively participate in their own care.
Track Patient ProgressAutomate the collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes across the episode of care, such as pain, fever, opioid usage, satisfaction surveys, and validated PRO surveys. Measure compliance and adherence to care plans and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Use alerts and dashboards to monitor post-op issues such as heart rhythm, chest and feeding tube issues, pain, incision photos, and more to intervene sooner for patients at-risk.
Analytics & Reporting
Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.
EHR Integration
Use standalone or integrate with your EHR – SeamlessMD is the only Digital Care Journey platform that has turn-key integration partnerships with Epic, Oracle Cerner, and MEDITECH.

Research: Impact of Patient Engagement Technologies on Cost of the Surgical Encounter in Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery

Costs of surgical encounter and 30 days post-discharge, mortality, length-of-stay, readmissions, complications, satisfaction were compared. With a cost savings of $9224 realized per patient encounter.


Remote Monitor Patient Recovery After Discharge

Watch this 15-minute on-demand webinar as Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO, SeamlessMD, demonstrates how you can discharge patients sooner while remaining connected to them throughout their recovery with remote monitoring capabilities that enable you to triage symptoms, ensure compliance with care pathways, and intervene sooner to avoid unnecessary ED visits and readmissions.
New Whitepaper

How to Implement Digital Care Journeys for Cardiothoracic Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

Research: Using Digital Patient Engagement to Reduce ED Visits by 38%

Multivariate logistic regression identified that App usage is the only independent predictor for reduction of ER visits. (OR= 0.47, p=0.018).

"SeamlessMD gives us complete insight into each patient’s journey through surgery. It allows us to monitor patients to ensure a safe recovery and reduce unnecessary ER visits."

Dr. Yaron Shargall
Chief, General Thoracic Surgery, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Research: Reducing surgery cancellations & ED visits for Thoracic Surgery

"SeamlessMD acts like front-line customer relations to answer any questions that my patients have. It reduces unnecessary ER visits and phone calls to our offices. My patients now feel a personal connection with me."

Dr. Carmine Simone
Chief of Surgery at Michael Garron Hospital

Check out our podcast: Using Digital Patient Engagement for Thoracic Surgery

Featuring Dietician & Patient Education Expert, Daniela Faykoo-Martinez, RD, MHSc and Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD.
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