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How SeamlessMD Works

Digital Patient EngagementOur Digital Care Journeys for Gynecology enable providers to virtually engage, connect and monitor patients before, during, and post hospitalization. The plan has been developed for patients undergoing procedures for both benign and oncologic conditions, such as: hysterectomy, oophorectomy, interval debulking, pelvic mass resection, lymph node removal, mid-urethral sling, sarcrocolpopexy, salpingectomy, colpoclesis, vaginal closure, vaginal prolapse, vaginal suspension, and vulvectomy. Patients can easily access the SeamlessMD Digital Care Journey for Gynecology on their own smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Personalized Interactive EducationDeliver interactive personalized care plans, including reminders, to-do-lists, videos, and evidence-based education developed by our experienced team of healthcare specialists and customized to match your protocols. Keep patients on track with pre and post-op expectations, pre-surgery readiness surveys and digital reminders days to weeks prior to their scheduled surgery allowing patients to self-prepare in advance. Digital reminders and education include sexual activity or onset of menopause.
Empower Patients with Self-Care ToolsMinimize your patients’ anxiety by giving them access to self-management and self-care tools via an evidence-based digital library they can access 24/7/365. While recovering at home post-surgery, patients can self-report data such as symptoms, incision photos, catheter problems, fever, bleeding, pain scores, and nausea through the platform remotely, enabling them to actively participate in their own care.
Track Patient ProgressAutomate the collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes across the episode of care, such as pain, fever, opioid usage, and satisfaction surveys. Measure compliance and adherence to care plans and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Use alerts and dashboards to monitor gynecologic post-op issues such as pain, incision photos, vaginal bleeding and more to intervene sooner for patients at-risk.
Analytics & Reporting
Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.
EHR Integration
Use standalone or integrate with your EHR – SeamlessMD is the only Digital Care Journey platform that has turn-key integration partnerships with Epic, Oracle Cerner, and MEDITECH.

Case Study: Reduces 30-Day Readmission Rates by 50%

"The response we’ve received about SeamlessMD from our patients and staff have been overwhelmingly positive. Patients have consistently reported greater satisfaction with their surgical experience, having convenient access to an extensive educational library helping to improve patient self-management. SeamlessMD has been a key partner in our hospital’s strategy to deliver a cutting edge, digital experience throughout the patient journey. The use of remote monitoring and alerts in order to consistently engage with patients beyond the four walls of the hospital were a key factor in reducing readmissions, LOS, while improving the hospital’s ERP efforts."

Dr. Haller Smith
Obstetrician-Gynecologist, University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Press Release: UAB Engages Gynecology Oncology Patients

“The many unknowns around surgery can cause a lot of anxiety for patients and their families. We can help reduce that anxiety by providing easy access to information through a platform that helps patients prepare for surgery and to know what to expect when they get home. The daily health checks within the app are very helpful as they can either reassure a patient that their recovery is on track, or prompt them to contact their surgical team to flag issues that are outside of the norm, hopefully enabling us to catch any potential complications early.”

Dr. Haller Smith
Obstetrician-Gynecologist, University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Check out our podcast: Using Digital Patient Engagement for Gynecology-Oncology

Featuring Dietician and Patient Education Specialist, Daniela Faykoo-Martinez, RD, MHSc and Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD.
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Gynecology Patient Testimonials

Reduced anxiety during recovery

“This program helped me to know that I was progressing normally. I also used home health during this time so between both, I felt very confident that everything was going well. Also liked that the program kept me informed about what to expect each day and week.”

Empowered to track recovery

“I liked the idea of "checking off" my daily health progress. On the days when my mood and energy level were "off" it eased my mind that I was indeed healing.”

Differentiated patient experience

“Each day the set of questions I answered helped me know what to expect during my recovery. If my body or mine wasn't in line with the recovery expectations, I would know right away by the answers I gave.”

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