Easy EHR Integration for Faster Patient Enrollment and Monitoring

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Experienced with modern & traditional integration frameworks

Support for HL7 (v2,v3, CDA, FHIR)
Single Sign On (Oauth2)
Fast integration via SMART on FHIR
Patient Portal Support
Easy Patient Enrollment
Patient Data Push & Pull

SeamlessMD On Epic Connection Hub

SeamlessMD has been formally tested and approved by Epic to become a validated partner. The SeamlessMD Digital Care Journey platform can be embedded directly into Epic Hyperspace through the SMART on FHIR framework.

SeamlessMD and Cerner Open Developer Experience (CODE)

SeamlessMD is a vendor partner in Cerner's developer program.
SeamlessMD has been tested and validated by Cerner engineers.

Turnkey MEDITECH & SeamlessMD Integration

SeamlessMD is the first Digital Care Journey and Remote Patient Monitoring platform to be fully integrated with MEDITECH EHR solutions including Expanse, enabling hospitals to automate patient enrollment, improve clinician workflows, and optimize patient outcomes. Using turnkey HL7v2 SIU (Scheduling) and ADT (Discharge) feeds data flow is streamlined between MEDITECH EHR solutions and SeamlessMD. Leveraging MEDITECH Expanse Context Launch allows Remote Patient Monitoring dashboards to be launched from the patient chart optimizing the clinician experience with single sign-on capabilities and reducing friction from clinicians performing remote monitoring.

SeamlessMD and Veradigm

SeamlessMD is a Connect Certified App with the Veradigm Network.

Press Release: St. Francis Hospital Delivers Epic-integrated Patient Experience

“SeamlessMD has been instrumental in keeping our patients safe and connected during the pandemic. The technology aligns with our digital patient experience strategy by providing an Epic EMR and MyChart integrated, patient-centered experience that is personalized for each patient and their journey"

Charles L. Lucore, MD, MBA
President of St. Francis Hospital
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