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How SeamlessMD Works

Patient Engagement
Our Mental Health digital care journey was developed for patients to be able to self-manage mental health and/or addiction concerns. Patients who have symptoms of, or diagnoses related to anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, problem gambling and have been concurrently diagnosed. Patients can access the SeamlessMD Mental Health & Addictions digital care journey on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Personalized Education
Deliver interactive personalized care plans, including reminders, to-do-lists, videos, and evidence-based education developed by our experienced team of healthcare specialists and customized by your team. The expert-approved education and tools are based on evidence-based practices such as CBT and DBT and include a wide range of topics such as medications, therapy, coping strategies, and harm reduction tactics. Provide your patients with easy access to education on mental health, addictions, and treatments.
Empower Patients with Self-Care Tools
Give your patients access to self-management and self-care tools via an evidence-based digital library they can access 24/7/365 along with daily tasks, reminders, resources for community and online mental health services as well as local social supports such as housing, food, employment and more. Daily health checks include trackers for mood, anxiety, suicidality, cravings, substance intake, medicine compliance, sleep, and more.
Track Patient Progress
Collect Patient-Reported Outcomes across the episode of care, such as mood, anxiety, medication compliance and validated PRO surveys.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Use alerts and dashboards to monitor patients and intervene sooner for patients at-risk. Healthcare providers can assess and provide recommendations for patients based on their current mental health and addictions state, for example – getting them to call a withdrawal management hotline if they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms and providing recommendations for help in advance of the patient needing to present to the ER.
Analytics & Reporting
Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.
EHR Integration
Use standalone or integrate with your EHR – SeamlessMD can integrate with Epic, Cerner, Meditech and Allscripts.
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“We are thrilled to partner with SeamlessMD to develop an efficient and effective way to support mental health and addictions patients. With the technology, providers can monitor patients/clients on dashboards in real-time, allowing for personalized care recommendations and quicker intervention from the care team if necessary. Additionally, people are given the tools to effectively self-manage from home, thus empowering individuals to more actively participate in their own healthcare.”

Dr. James Chan
Director of Innovation at Sault Area Hospital
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What are Patients Saying?

“Kept me accountable daily for check-ins.”
“It gives you plans for coping with life.”

Multiplatform Access

Patients can access SeamlessMD on their smartphone, tablet, and/or computer.

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