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Keep patients motivated and on track with insurance milestones through automated nudges and prompts

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets, ongoing phone follow ups and manual interventions. Automatically deliver reminders, progress tracking surveys, and just-in-time education to ensure patients complete all insurance criteria faster (tests, assessments, etc.). Digitally guide and track the progress of patients as they schedule, coordinate, and upload results for pre-surgery milestones to achieve clearance faster, shorten the time to surgery, increase the number of surgeries performed weekly, monthly, and annually, and accelerate the path to revenue.

Increase surgical volume by streamlining workflows and operational efficiencies

Schedule more surgeries faster by delivering interactive patient education rather than paper-based booklets that patients often lose or misplace. Digitally nudge patients to achieve pre-surgery landmarks like psychiatric evaluations, EKGs, labs, ultrasounds, x-rays, blood work, endoscopy, meetings with dieticians, weight-loss consultants, and more. Automate to-do lists and reminders to help surgery candidates meet the required qualifications for surgery by scheduling appointments and completing various tests and exams faster. Encourage patients to play an active role in their surgery preparation, keep them engaged, and on track to accelerate the referral to surgery process.

Reduce workforce burden and surgical wait times through real-time dashboards and reports

Empower coordinators and schedulers by eliminating the need for manual tracking and frequent phone calls. With a centralized dashboard, reporting, and turnkey integration with EHR systems, the entire clinical care team – RNs, Coordinators, Nurse Practitioners, and Directors - can quickly see at a glance which milestones have been completed and which are still outstanding on a patient-by-patient basis. Enabling them to quickly identify patients who are off-track, who need help with specific milestones, and who can be scheduled for surgery.

Automatically collect test and procedure results

Patients can self-report the completion of medical procedures (e.g. tests, exams, evaluations), and upload results while coordinators receive real-time alerts and notifications of pre-surgery landmarks that are completed making it easier for clinical staff to track the patient’s progress. Greater transparency enables staff to track progress, identify bottlenecks, predict surgery volumes, and implement process improvements.

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Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Reduces Time to Surgery by 1.5 Months

Approval for bariatric surgery is a complicated process. To aid patients, a virtual-patient-navigation-platform (VPNP) was designed to decrease time-to-surgery by providing individualized appointment reminders.

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Press Release: Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center selects SeamlessMD to safely resume elective bariatric, foregut, and hernia surgeries

“To resume surgery safely, it’s vital for surgical programs to assess a variety of patient factors, including patient preferences, COVID-19 risk and symptoms. This platform allows us to remotely monitor patient readiness for surgery.”

Dr. Sabrena Noria
Surgical Director for the Bariatric Surgery Program at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center
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Check out our podcast: Using Digital Patient Engagement for Bariatric Surgery

Featuring Dietician and Patient Education Specialist, Malvina Ibrahim RD, MHSc and Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD.
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