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Keep patients on track with pre & post-op education

Automatically deliver reminders and just-in-time education to ensure patients are prepared before surgery and following instructions during recovery.

Replace in-person surgery classes with interactive digital education - including your own videos for pre-op classes or post-op physiotherapy exercises.

Post-op monitoring to prevent readmissions and ED visits

Empower patients to track post-op progress and mitigate common concerns with automated self-care education. Smart alerts & dashboards to monitor patients and catch early signs of complications.

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↑ Same-Day Discharge and
↓ Length of Stay

Increase patient compliance with Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols through interactive education & feedback.

Increase confidence for earlier discharge by empowering patients with a way to stay connected with providers while recovering at home.

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Collect Patient-Reported Outcomes

Collect PROs pre and post-surgery, including pain, protocol compliance, and validated PROMs (e.g. PROMIS-10, VR-12, HOOS, KOOS, etc.)

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According to the KLAS2023 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report, SeamlessMD “could have a potentiallygame-changing impact to help the patient post-procedure and provide meaningfulinformation on procedure-specific patient recovery to help further guide protocols.There are many nuances to any given procedure, and post-procedure visits do notsufficiently capture more than that point in time”.

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