Partnered with leading health systems to improve patient care

Guide patients step-by-step through episodes of care

More than 50 pre-built digital care plans fully customizable by your clinical teams for pre- and post-Surgery, Oncology, Maternity Care, Chronic Care, Behavioral Health, and more.

Digitally engage patients with personalized just-in-time patient education, automated reminders, to-do-lists, self-care tips, progress tracking, and symptom monitoring.

Fully integrated digital patient experience

Plug n play SaaS platform embedded into your digital front door. Fully integrated with your EHR and accessible through single sign on in your patient portal such as Epic MyChart. Ability to launch remote monitoring dashboards and analytics from within the patient chart. Automate patient enrollment to SeamlessMD through HL7v2 integrations (e.g. ADT/SIU messages). Customize with your own brand and content into the consumer experience to build trust and loyalty.

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The Role of Digital Care Journeys
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Elevate the patient experience

Automated, digital guidance keeps patients on track and feeling more connected to your care teams pre- and post-care – leading to less anxiety and improved patient satisfaction.

Patients use SeamlessMD for pre-and post-care journeys:

  • 96% patients would recommend SeamlessMD
  • 94% of patients feel less anxious before hospital admission for surgery
  • 91% of patients feel more confident with at-home recovery
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“Having gone through this surgery twice, the second time with this program (SeamlessMD) seemed a lot more helpful and made me feel a lot more at ease with problems I would be facing – thank you very much!”
“I felt I was in touch with my healthcare team daily, which was comforting to me.”
“Since I live 80 miles from my surgical team, I could relay my progress without commuting to the office."
“It was like a friend checking up on you. This (SeamlessMD) made my second recovery so much better. I wish I had this for my first C-section!”

Improve quality & patient safety

A proven approach to engaging and remote monitoring patients that improves health outcomes.

Validated by 35+ clinical studies and evaluations to decrease length of stay, readmissions, ED visits, phone calls, and total cost of care.

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According to the KLAS 2023 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report, “A benefit of SeamlessMD is evidence-based care plans for pre- and post-procedure patient care that are electronically accessible to patients and that provide alerts to providers when expected outcome are not achieved for timely intervention. Patient education is also included. Problems to be solved include decreasing readmission rates and ED visits while improving patient experience and outcomes.”

“What we found to be probably the most valuable and the most standout in this relationship [with SeamlessMD] is the Epic integration between SeamlessMD and MultiCare’s instance of Epic, both on the provider side and on the patient side within MyChart. Using the SMART on FHIR integration via the App Orchard, providers really can monitor patients without leaving Epic.”

Ben Chao
President, CareConnect, MultiCare

“SeamlessMD is an important technology that aligns well with our mission to provide an exceptional care experience for every patient. Its implementation, as well as Cornwall Community Hospital being the first hospital in Canada to integrate it with its electronic health record [Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR) using SMART on FHIR technology], also highlights the hospital’s commitment to being an innovative leader in health care delivery.”

Dr. Chris Raynor
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cornwall Community Hospital

“With our focus on innovating the future of care, clinical informatics solutions like SeamlessMD that digitally engage, connect, and monitor patients enable us to continuously improve the quality, consistency, and safety of patient care. The turnkey integration of SeamlessMD with MEDITECH Expanse streamlines our clinical workflows, reducing manual effort and enabling our providers to save valuable time. Automating care delivery strengthens our ability to easily track and monitor patient compliance and adherence with treatment plans to improve patient outcomes, while at the same time empowering patients to take charge of their health through self-management.”

Dr. Derek Garniss
Chief Medical Information Officer, Sault Area Hospital

Top 6 Considerations for Chief Digital Officers When Selecting a Digital Patient Engagement Solution

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