The Role of Digital Care Journeys in a Health System’s Digital Front Door Strategy

Today’s patients approach their healthcare differently than in the past—they experience it as active consumers rather than passive recipients. Unfortunately, a patient’s experience is often siloed, with their care being unstandardized, disconnected, and uncoordinated.

An individual’s health journey is complex and personal, and barriers often exist in the medical system that prevent people from feeling well informed and connected. Patients need care that engages and informs them and allows them to stay connected with providers to achieve the best possible health outcomes. With pressures from an increasingly value-based care reimbursement model, healthcare organizations need solutions to engage, acquire, and retain patients while delivering high-quality care at a lower cost.
"This digital opportunity to engage patients in their own care journey is one of those ways that we meet the promise of our commitment to partner [with patients]. Shifting the focus from patient transactions to fostering true partnership with patients helps them to feel supported when they are at their most vulnerable.“ – MultiCare Health System
In this e-book we explore how digital care journeys hold the key to delivering high-quality, lower-cost care. Digital technologies can provide tools and support for a highly coordinated and standardized patient experience across all stages of life—from acute episodes of care (e.g., surgery) to chronic conditions requiring ongoing management.

Topics covered include:

Top three digital patient engagement trends

The key components of an effective digital front door strategy

How to achieve value through personalized digital care journeys

Stories from the front lines showcasing stunning patient outcomes

Find out how leading health systems have realized that digital front door strategies must go beyond the bookend of the patient journey and instead provide continuous guidance throughout.

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