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Partnered with leading health systems such as...

Partnered with leading health systems such as...

Why do providers love SeamlessMD?


Case Study: Reducing ED Visits and Readmissions During COVID-19

“We have now had several patients that had their first joint replacement surgery completed at the beginning of the pandemic, and their second joint replacement in the past months with the SeamlessMD app. The feedback we have received is very compelling with patients saying their experience was 100x better with the app and the support of our NP.”

Caroline Fanti
Director of Regional Surgical Services for Northwest Ontario and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Using Patient Engagement Technology to Amplify Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Success and Reduce LOS

"Seamless has become essential for success for us when it comes to ERAS because it really helps with keeping patients on-task and on-target... It also helps with ERAS specifically because we can track compliance. We can now say, you know, we're not compliant in the last month in these three components..."

Misty B. Eller
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Atrium Health

Press Release: SCL Health (now Intermountain Healthcare) Partners with SeamlessMD for Digital Care Journeys to Elevate ERAS Strategy

“SeamlessMD is a terrific partner in helping us to improve ERAS compliance, helping us to standardize care delivery and encourage patient self-management with their user-friendly platform.”

Teri Leishman
ERAS Coordinator, SCL Health

Press Release: New App Will Enhance the Experience for Cardiac Surgery Patients

“SeamlessMD, which acts as a virtual patient companion, will annually provide approximately 800 cardiac surgery patients with a single point of access to care information that will help them, and their care teams prepare for surgery, support their recovery, and reduce hospital readmissions."

Jennifer Sheils
Vice President Strategy, Transformation & Chief Innovation Officer, Horizon Health Network

Case Study: Launches Digital Care Journeys Enterprise-Wide to Reduce Length of Stay, Readmissions and Costs while Increasing Contribution Margins by 19.9%

"SeamlessMD gives us complete insight into each patient's journey through surgery. Moreover, it allows us to monitor patients post-discharge to ensure a safe recovery and prevent readmissions."
Dr. Yaron Shargall
Chief of Thoracic Surgery, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

"SeamlessMD is taking the recommendations that we’re giving patients in the ERAS process, and it’s putting that right in a patient’s pocket. It’s a neat technology that’s truly aligned with our own goals of better health for those patients coming through the ERAS process."

Dr. Anthony Perry
Vice President, Ambulatory Care & Population Health,
Rush University Medical Center

“SeamlessMD helps our hospital accomplish key goals: Greater innovation, shorter recovery times and better patient experience... Recognizing the transition to value-based care for cardiac surgery, such as bundled payments, SeamlessMD will be a key partner of ours for improving the patient experience and clinical outcomes for cardiac surgery.”

Dr. Louis Perrault
Chief of Cardiac Surgery & Cardiac ERAS Board Member,
Montreal Heart Institute

"[SeamlessMD] is extremely user friendly. That’s part of the reason why we partnered with them, we really liked how it looked just from the very get-go... One of the things that Seamless does too is it’s built real time. So we can log in and see all of our patients, almost like on a radar screen. We can see what patients are saying in terms of how they feel, what their pain responses are like, if there’re any issues. It can literally be a red alert that’s set for patient’s that are having issues who are responding to questions saying I have an issue. That for now prompts basically a note to one of our nurses who can actually then get that red alert and then call the patient and follow up and help take care of the issue... We had a patient respond to a Seamless question not doing well and my nurse was able to almost immediately respond within 10 minutes. The patient was so surprised, but it really got that patient out of trouble."

Dr. Daniel Chu
ERAS Medical Director, UAB Medicine

“Cardiac surgical teams are under increasing pressure to provide healthcare value by optimizing outcomes while reducing complications and costs... Informatics platforms such as SeamlessMD can assist in achieving such goals.”

Dr. Daniel T. Engelman
Medical Director of the Heart, Vascular and Critical Care Units
President, ERAS Cardiac Society
Baystate Health

"We are excited to be working with SeamlessMD to use technology to improve patient care. We also wanted new ways to engage patients in their recovery. We have been looking for an innovative solution to help with this."

Dr. Liane Feldman
Chief, Division of General Surgery
Chair, Enhanced Recovery Task Force Society of American Gastrointestinal & Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)
McGill University Health Centre

“It has been exciting to work with SeamlessMD to expand our strategy for patient-and family-centred care and improve the patient experience and health outcomes. With the use of SeamlessMD, patients are receiving focused education and recommendations at the right time in their recovery enabling them to better self-manage, monitor their progress and seek help when needed.”

Dr. Jeffrey Gollish
Medical Director, Sunnybrook Holland Orthopaedic & Arthritic Centre

"SeamlessMD allows us to be proactive in our approach to post-discharge care. The platform has enabled us to extend our care beyond the wall of the hospital, monitor patient concerns in real-time and ultimately prevent ER visits and readmissions."

Dr. Erin Kennedy
Colorectal Surgeon, Sinai Health System

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