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How SeamlessMD Works

Digital Patient EngagementOur Digital Care Journeys for Bariatric surgery enable providers to virtually engage, connect and monitor patients before, during, and post hospitalization. The care plan has been developed for patients undergoing weight loss surgeries like a gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and duodenal switch surgery. Patients can easily access the SeamlessMD Digital Care Journey for Bariatric Surgery on their own smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Personalized Interactive EducationDeliver interactive personalized care plans, including reminders, to-do-lists, videos, and evidence-based education developed by our experienced team of healthcare specialists and customized to match your protocols. Keep patients on track with pre- and post-op expectations, pre-surgery readiness surveys and digital reminders days to weeks prior to their scheduled surgery allowing patients to self-prepare in advance. Digital reminders and education include bariatric multivitamins and supplements, transitioning through post-surgery diet stages and more.
Empower Patients with Self-Care ToolsMinimize your patients’ anxiety by giving them access to self-management and self-care tools via an evidence-based digital library they can access 24/7/365. While recovering at home post-surgery, patients can self-report data such as gastrointestinal symptoms, incision photos, mood tracking, protein tracking, pain scores, and nausea through the platform remotely, enabling them to actively participate in their own care.
Track Patient ProgressAutomate the collection of Patient-Reported Outcomes across the episode of care, such as pain, fever, opioid usage, satisfaction surveys, and validated PRO surveys. Measure compliance and adherence to care plans and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Use alerts and dashboards to monitor bariatric post-op issues such as pain, signs of wound infection, gastrointestinal symptoms and more to intervene sooner for patients at-risk.
Analytics & Reporting
Analyze aggregate data through custom reports and dashboards to accelerate quality improvement.
EHR Integration
Use standalone or integrate with your EHR – SeamlessMD is the only Digital Care Journey platform that has turn-key integration partnerships with Epic, Oracle Cerner, and MEDITECH.

Automate and Streamline the Process to Surgery

Increase revenue by getting patients to the OR faster and reduce workforce burden by eliminating the need for manual tracking and frequent phone calls. Use Digital Care Journeys to automate to-do lists and reminders to help surgery candidates meet the required insurance qualifications for surgery by digitally prompting patients to achieve pre-surgery landmarks like psychiatric evaluations, EKGs, labs, ultrasounds, and more faster. With a centralized dashboard, reporting, and turnkey integration with EHR systems, the entire clinical care team can track milestones completed and outstanding on a patient-by-patient basis enabling them to quickly identify patients who are ready for surgery.

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Research: Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Reduces Time to Surgery by 1.5 Months

Assessing the Impact of a Virtual-Patient-Navigation-Platform on Time-To-Surgery for Patients Seeking Bariatric Surgery

Approval for bariatric surgery is a complicated process. To aid patients, a virtual-patient-navigation-platform (VPNP) was designed to decrease time-to-surgery by providing individualized appointment reminders.

Case Study: Reducing 30-Day Readmissions And ER Visits For Bariatric Surgery

“SeamlessMD fills the gap between the large volume of information being delivered to a busy and often anxious patient, and how much they remember after the fact. By removing the need for memory and replacing it with a user-friendly interface to help patients troubleshoot their own pre and post-operative concerns, both patients and their care team benefit.”

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff
Medical Director of the Bariatric Medical Institute, The Ottawa Hospital

Press Release: Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center selects SeamlessMD to safely resume elective bariatric, foregut, and hernia surgeries

“To resume surgery safely, it’s vital for surgical programs to assess a variety of patient factors, including patient preferences, COVID-19 risk and symptoms. This platform allows us to remotely monitor patient readiness for surgery.”

Dr. Sabrena Noria
Surgical Director for the Bariatric Surgery Program at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center
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In the news: Life-changing Bariatric surgery lets mom and son have fun together

Check out our podcast: Using Digital Patient Engagement for Bariatric Surgery

Featuring Dietician and Patient Education Specialist, Malvina Ibrahim RD, MHSc and Dr. Joshua Liu, Co-founder & CEO at SeamlessMD.
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Bariatric Patient Testimonials

Reduced anxiety during recovery

"It provided an easy way to check in, to be told whether or not what I was experiencing was normal or something to be concerned about. If there was cause for concern, someone reached out to me to get more info and provide direction! This saved me calling my surgeon or family Dr to wait to be seen! Fantastic program!"

Empowered to track recovery

"Seeing the reports. They make me feel accountable and stay on track with my new lifestyle. It also helps me to see how to achieve my goals/success with my health journey."

Compliance with care pathway

"Self directed, reminders and encouragement... I also enjoyed the checklists and follow up that came with it"

Differentiated patient experience

"This program is amazing. It answers all my questions, especially about food, activities and almost everything I need to know before and after surgery."

Felt more connected to care team

"I love the daily check in feature and knowing that if I have a problem someone is going to call me right away to offer help and suggestions. I feel completely connected and not left to fend for myself. This is a wonderful tool."

Achieving better health outcomes

"Made me connect and ensure I was fulfilling my daily vitamins and following my dietary requirements."

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