How to Implement Digital Care Journeys for Cardiothoracic Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

Research suggests that over 30% of patients undergoing cardiothoracic procedures can experience anxiety. Meanwhile, providers hope for patients to have a straightforward recovery, although the reality is that:

  • 30-day cardiac surgical readmissions have been observed as high as 12.3%.
  • In some US states, 30-day deaths postprocedure after discharge ranged from 10% to 39% of all operative deaths among cardiac surgical procedures.

At a time when safety, quality, and innovation are more mission-critical than ever before, Digital Care Journeys for Cardiothoracic ERAS offer solace with an enhanced patient experience that reduces the total cost of care via fewer cancellations, reduced length of stay, readmissions and ED visits.

Many hospitals and health systems have successfully implemented Digital Patient Engagement solutions in the form of Digital Care Journeys for Cardiothoracic ERAS to shorten LOS by 1-2 days, reduce readmissions by 45%-72%, and discharge to SNF by 60-64%.

In this whitepaper, we will walk you through the nuts and bolts of implementing a Digital Care Journey platform for Cardiothoracic ERAS to achieve similar results.

Topics covered include:

✓ What are Digital Care Journeys for Cardiothoracic ERAS
✓ Key features to look for when picking a Digital Care Journey platform
✓ How to assemble your team and determine roles & responsibilities
✓ Top 3 workflows for enrolling and monitoring patients
✓ How to train your staff, launch your program, and educate patients
✓ What to do after go-live and how to achieve ongoing success
→ And more...

Download the whitepaper to discover how to optimize the implementation of Digital Care Journeys to streamline the surgical transition process by staying connected with Cardiothoracic ERAS patients while improving clinical and operational outcomes.

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Using Patient Engagement Technology to amplify Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) success and Reduce LOS

"Seamless has become essential for success for us when it comes to ERAS because it really helps with keeping patients on-task and on-target... It also helps with ERAS specifically because we can track compliance. We can now say, you know, we're not compliant in the last month in these three components..."

Misty B. Eller
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Atrium Health