Best Practices for Deploying an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program

On Demand Webinar

On this panel presentation, Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO, SeamlessMD sits down with Dr. Kevin Elias, President, ERAS USA and Gynecology ERAS Leader at Brigham & Women’s and Dr. Heather McFarland, Vice Chairman, Operations, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center to discuss the Best Practices for Deploying an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program. The interactive discussion will cover key aspects to consider when starting an ERAS program, how to get organizational buy-in across clinical stakeholders and executive leadership, how to form an ERAS committee, the fundamentals to measuring success, and the optimal timing of when and how to scale ERAS across service lines.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of deploying an ERAS program and explore approaches to designing an effective program
  • Gain insights from a clinical perspective from ERAS leaders who are actively driving and supporting ERAS in their respective organizations
  • Hear about the challenges and pitfalls to avoid, and how to empower the adoption of ERAS in your organization

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Dr. Heather McFarland

Critical Care Anesthesiologist, Vice Chair, Clinical Operations and Physician Co-Lead for ERAS at University Hospitals

Dr. Kevin Elias

President, ERAS USA Society and Gynecology ERAS Leader at Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Dr. Joshua Liu

CEO & Cofounder, SeamlessMD