How Canadian provinces are cutting surgical wait times and backlogs with Digital Care Journeys

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As Canadian provinces grapple with surgical backlogs, innovative solutions are critical to meet wait time targets. Watch this 20-minute Office Hours session replay featuring Markus Bowden, an expert in partnering with Canadian hospitals and health systems to cut surgical wait times with Digital Health solutions.

In this Office Hours session, you will:

  • Learn how hospitals and provincial health systems across Canada have dramatically cut wait times, improved throughput and increased volume of same-day surgeries
  • Understand the benefits for patients with Digital Care Journeys to engage and monitor patients pre and post-surgery - leading to lower ER visits and readmissions and enhanced patient satisfaction through decreased anxiety, and increased confidence with recovery
  • Experience a live demonstration of the SeamlessMD platform, showcasing real workflows and examples used by 35+ Canadian hospitals and health systems, using Orthopedics as a relevant example–a priority area for reducing wait times across Canada
  • Engage with experts: Have your questions answered directly by our expert, Markus Bowden, who leads our Canadian partnerships

This Office Hours session is ideal for healthcare executives, surgical services leaders and clinicians looking for innovative ways to cut surgical wait times and backlogs - all while improving patient outcomes.

Watch the replay today and join the transformation in patient care across Canada!

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Markus Bowden

Canadian expert on Digital Care Journeys to Cut Surgical Wait Times

Alan Sardana

Co-Host of The Digital Patient