How Atrium Health and UAB Medicine Use Digital Care Journeys to Improve Quality & Patient Safety

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As the healthcare industry undergoes transformation, technology has become an integral part of how healthcare providers engage with patients pre, during, and post hospitalization. The right technology can assist with increasing efficiencies, empowering patients, reducing costs, and improving quality and patient safety. Technology such as digital care journeys can improve medication safety, automate delivery of evidence-based education (e.g. ERAS) and enable standardized, high reliability care.

Hear how Misty Eller, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Department of Surgery, Atrium Health, and Dr. Daniel Chu, Vice Chair of Health Services Research, UAB Medicine, are leveraging EHR-integrated digital care journeys to improve patient safety.

During the webinar you’ll learn how:

  • Engaging patients with a mobile and web-enabled, virtual companion can effectively guide them from pre-op preparation through post-op recovery helping to reduce their anxiety
  • Providing access to digital care journeys enables healthcare providers to keep patients on track with evidence-based protocols (e.g. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), and remotely monitor patient compliance, pain levels, incision photos, and symptoms to reduce readmissions and phone calls
  • Remotely monitoring pain medication consumption can curb opioid use
  • Using technology can help patients stay connected to their surgical care team even after leaving the hospital

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Misty Eller

Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Department of Surgery, Atrium Health

Dr. Daniel Chu

Vice Chair of Health Services Research, UAB

Dr. Joshua Liu

Co-Founder & CEO, SeamlessMD