Deliver Interactive ERAS Education Pre-Op and Post Op

On Demand Webinar

June 22, 2023

12:00 PM EDT

Are you short on time but know you need a better solution for delivering ERAS education that patients follow?

Join us for the first session of our virtual Coffee Break Series as Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD, introduces Digital Care Journeys and their role in enhancing cardiothoracic patient education.

In just 15 minutes, you'll discover:

  • The fundamentals of Digital Care Journeys and their application in delivering interactive patient education, just in time reminders, health checks, and more
  • The drawbacks of manual, paper-based patient education methods and the benefits of a digital solution
  • A focused demo showcasing how Digital Care Journeys help you easily deliver evidence-based patient education at the right step of each patient’s surgical journey
  • Success stories from leading Heart & Vascular Centers that have harnessed the power of interactive ERAS education and Digital Care Journeys to reduce length of stay, readmissions, ED visits, phone calls, and costs
  • An engaging Q&A session addressing key questions

If you’re ready to learn how Digital Care Journeys revolutionize CT surgery experiences and empower patients to actively manage their own care to improve outcomes, grab a coffee (or tea) and join us for this lightning fast session.

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Dr. Joshua Liu

CEO and Co-founder, SeamlessMD