Remote Monitor Patient Recovery Post Discharge

On Demand Webinar

Is a lack of visibility on patient recovery after discharge hurting patient outcomes? 

Do you feel like you are discharging patients into a black hole? 

Check out the second session of our virtual Coffee Break Series focused on how to  "Remote Monitor CT Patients Recovery Post Discharge."

In this 15-minute webinar, Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO of SeamlessMD, will introduce you to the power of Digital Care Journey Platforms in remotely monitoring patients' recovery and ensuring compliance with care pathways.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn how Digital Care Journeys enable you to effectively monitor patients and conditions like Arrhythmias, Tachycardia, Heart Failure symptoms, heart rate, wound images, and more post-discharge so you can improve compliance and catch problems sooner. 
  • Explore the specific metrics and aspects tracked and monitored, and understand the benefits for CT nurses, physicians, and patients
  • Discover the capabilities of dashboards and alerts, empowering you to stay informed and intervene when necessary
  • See a short demo showcasing the remote monitoring features of the platform
  • Hear success stories from leading Heart & Vascular Centers that have harnessed the power of remote monitoring and Digital Care Journeys to reduce length of stay, readmissions, ED visits, phone calls, and costs

If you’re ready to learn how Digital Care Journeys revolutionize CT surgery by giving you unparalleled visibility on patient recovery post-discharge, grab a coffee (or tea) and join us for this lightning fast session.

Watch the webinar today to learn how you can discharge patients sooner and prevent unnecessary readmissions with remote monitoring.

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Dr. Joshua Liu

CEO and Co-founder, SeamlessMD