Product Talk: Improve your ERAS outcomes with Digital Care Journeys

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Want to improve ERAS metrics like readmissions and length of stay but are limited by your current resources?

Leading ERAS programs such as UAB, Atrium Health, University Hospitals, and Baystate Health are turning to Digital Care Journeys to save staff time, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs.

Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn how providers are leveraging Digital Care Journeys and 85% of customers are seeing improved outcomes within just 6 months of implementation.

You will learn:

  • Health systems achieved outcomes like a 72% reduction in readmissions, 2 day reduction in length of stay, and $8,100 reduction in cost per patient.
  • Digital engagement platforms have been proven to increase patient knowledge, decrease anxiety, improve post-operative outcomes, and reduce variation in care.
  • Automation amplifies ERAS success by reducing healthcare services such as readmissions, ED visits, length of stay, and phone calls.
  • To digitally track, nudge, and empower patients to improve ERAS compliance, and automate patient-reported outcomes.

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Dr. Joshua Liu

CEO, SeamlessMD