Tech Talk: Automating Your ERAS Program for Long Term Sustainability with Digital Care Journeys

On Demand Webinar

Watch this 40-minute tech talk to learn how SeamlessMD, a Digital Care Journey platform used by leading health systems such as UAB, Atrium Health, University Hospitals, and Baystate Health, automates Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) pathways, optimizes patient compliance, improves outcomes, and lowers costs.

Patient engagement software is a powerful tool that helps you engage, monitor, and stay connected with your patients throughout their entire surgical care journey enabling you to track their recovery, catch problems earlier, and increase patient satisfaction.

Dr. Joshua Liu, CEO, SeamlessMD will demonstrate how easy it is for patients to access personalized digital care plans to be guided through their ERAS care pathway via reminders, evidence-based education, symptom monitoring and progress tracking. During the demo, we’ll review the provider dashboard used to receive alerts, monitor patients, and access analytics to deliver better care.

In this webinar you'll learn how:

  • Digital engagement platforms have been proven to increase patient knowledge, decrease anxiety, improve post-operative outcomes, and reduce variation in care
  • Automation amplifies ERAS success by reducing healthcare services such as readmissions, ED visits, length of stay, and phone calls
  • To digitally track, nudge, and empower patients to improve ERAS compliance, and automate patient-reported outcomes

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Dr. Joshua Liu

CEO & Cofounder, SeamlessMD