Reducing Length of Stay, ED Visits and Readmissions: Enabling Safer Transitions from Hospital to Home with Digital Care Journeys

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As Canada’s health care system struggles with workforce challenges, surgical backlogs, wait times, and optimizing unnecessary interventions, technology adoption and the shift to delivering digital care improves access to care, the patient experience, and enables higher-value care models. Due to the staff and resource intensive approach of traditional device-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) that can only be used for a small percentage of patients, leading healthcare organizations are adopting Digital Care Journeys to extend the benefits of RPM for broader populations such as surgery, women’s health, oncology and chronic care.  

Hear how deploying a SaaS-based, EHR-integrated Digital Care Journey platform enables providers to scale engagement, monitor, and stay connected with all patients throughout their healthcare journeys, discharge patients sooner, increase surgical throughput and enable safer transitions from hospital to home. The discussion will cover how the platform delivers interactive patient education and workflows that self guide patients through their personalized care journeys and how care teams have access to real-time dashboards to remotely monitor patient progress, get alerted to patients at-risk and leverage population level insights to improve care.

You'll learn how:

  • Combining evidence-based, clinical content with digital guidance for patients from pre-admission through post-discharge recovery leads to lower LOS, ED visits, readmissions, phone calls, and costs.
  • Digitally-enabled, patient-self-management workflows allow 80%+ of patient issues to be addressed without remote monitoring by a provider - reducing phone calls.
  • Orchestrating a system-wide integration and rollout of a digital care solution with your EHR and patient portal streamlines clinical workflows and efficiencies.

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Dr. Joshua Liu

Co-founder & CEO, SeamlessMD

Andriana Lukich

Director, Digital Solutions, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton

Caroline Fanti

Director, Surgical Services, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre