How Digital Care Journey Platforms Improve Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Programs

Market forces such as the pandemic, healthcare consumerism, value-based care, and staffing shortages have set in motion the need for more scalable ways for providers to engage and stay connected with patients between visits. Digital patient engagement has become an essential tool in navigating the ever-changing landscape that is modern-day healthcare.

Utilization of Digital Care Journey platforms as part of the health system's digital strategy has shown to help improve patient education, enhance clinical outcomes, reduce surgical anxiety, streamline resource utilization, and improve both patient and provider experience. And for organizations looking to support and scale Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programs, this is truer than ever.

Scaling ERAS programs is often difficult as it demands more from patients and providers. Efficient optimization of ERAS requires patients to adhere to comprehensive pre- and post-op protocols, and providers need to deliver standardized patient education, track ERAS compliance consistently, collect ERAS-related Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), and more.

In this whitepaper, we explore how healthcare systems and hospitals can further optimize and scale existing operational ERAS programs.

Topics covered include:

✓ How technology can minimize the burden and challenges healthcare providers experience when scaling enhanced recovery programs across service lines
✓ 4 ways Digital Care Journeys can further optimize ERAS programs

✓ Success stories and evidence from leading healthcare organizations showcasing exceptional patient experiences and clinical outcomes

✓ Strategies on deploying Digital Care Journeys for ERAS programs

Download the whitepaper to see how Digital Care Journeys can compliment your ERAS programs, support an enhanced recovery journey for your patients, and achieve improved, strong ERAS clinical outcomes and adherence.

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Using Patient Engagement Technology to amplify Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) success and Reduce LOS

"Seamless has become essential for success for us when it comes to ERAS because it really helps with keeping patients on-task and on-target... It also helps with ERAS specifically because we can track compliance. We can now say, you know, we're not compliant in the last month in these three components..."

Misty B. Eller
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Atrium Health

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