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Monitoring, Dashboards & Alerts

Is the monitoring dashboard embedded into the patient’s chart?

Yes, our SMART on FHIR integrations with EHRs such as Epic and Cerner allow our dashboards to be directly embedded into the patient chart.

Does the care team receive alerts for certain patient symptoms or signs of risk?

Yes, providers can receive alerts and monitor patients on dashboards, allowing for personalized care recommendations and quicker intervention from the care team if necessary.

Can alerts be sent to different people?

Yes, alerts can be sent to more than one person, and alerts for specific issues can be sent to different people. For example, diet-related questions can go to a dietician; stoma questions can go to a stoma nurse, COVID screen alerts can go to pre-admission/day-surgery, mobility-related alerts can go to physios, infection-related alerts can go to specific nurses, etc. However, instead, all alerts can go to one or many people and then the care team can triage from there.

Can healthcare providers collect Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) through the App?

Yes, you can automate PRO data collection through SeamlessMD. Organizations can customize and automatically collect PROs across the episode, including validated survey instruments (e.g. PROMIS, VR-12, HOOS, KOOS, etc.). Learn more about PRO data collection here: https://seamless.md/solutions/patient-reported-outcomes

Does SeamlessMD provide biometric devices for remote monitoring (e.g. weight scales, blood pressure cuffs)?

No. SeamlessMD does not provide biometric devices. However, our care plans can be customized for patients to self-report data measured on biometric devices into the App.