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Digital Care Journeys

How does a patient access the App?

After your healthcare organization creates an account for a patient, they will receive an email with instructions for activating your account. After activating, patients can access their personalized digital care journey through the SeamlessMD app using their own device - e.g. smartphone, tablet, computer. Patients can either use the web browser app, or download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Can caregivers and family members be enrolled in the App?

Yes. caregivers and family members can share an account and access the same reminders and education to help keep the patient on track. This also allows caregivers and family members to help patients complete any digital check-ins and surveys. Patients enrolled with a caregiver or family member are more engaged, and often experience positive outcomes and a faster, smoother recovery.

Is there a limit to how many patients can access the App?

No. There is no limit to how many patients can access SeamlessMD. We have health systems that have thousands of patients using our digital care journeys.

Is the content provided developed by SeamlessMD or does the health system need to provide it?

SeamlessMD provides out-of-the-box digital care plans that include content, workflows and algorithms, which the health system can further customize.

How long is a digital care plan?

The healthcare provider determines the length of the digital care journey depending on the episode of care required. Our partners have customized the care plans to be as short as a few weeks to a year along. Digital care journeys can be three months, twelve months, shorter or longer, it is entirely up to the healthcare provider, their protocols of care and their patients’ needs.

Can the digital care plans and content be customized?

Yes. We have a dedicated Patient Education team consisting of clinicians and health communication specialists who review evidence-based guidelines and medical literature for different healthcare journeys, and translates this information into interactive, patient friendly digital care plans while meeting best practices for accessibility, patient education, health literacy, adult learning and behavioural change theory.

Is it possible to customize the SeamlessMD App with the Health Systems’ branding?

Yes. Hospitals and health systems can brand the app with their logo and clinician photos.

Can the healthcare provider update the author or edit the care plan content and workflows after launch?

Clinical team members are an integral part of the building and customization process of the care plans, including the content, workflows and algorithms library, to-do list items, and surveys. After a care plan is launched, clinical teams can make change requests for care plans and content updates, which will be handled by our Patient Education teams. Change requests required for patient safety are prioritized. Clinical teams can edit and update care plans 1 month post-launch, 6 months post-launch, and then once a year after that. Safety-related changes are made as soon as possible.

Does SeamlessMD only support surgical programs?

While SeamlessMD has a proven track record of delivering digital care journeys that guide patients through a wide variety of surgical procedures, we also have developed digital care journeys to support patients through oncology, mental health, maternity care, chronic care, and more.

Can I use SeamlessMD to track opioid use post-surgery?

Yes, you can use SeamlessMD to remotely monitor opioid use. The technology allows for the collection of patient-reported data specifically relating to opioid consumption and pain intensity after surgical procedures. Providers can access analytics on opioid consumption during recovery to safely reduce opioid prescriptions going forward. With this information, healthcare providers can curb the misuse, abuse, and overuse of opioids.

How does SeamlessMD help reduce surgical complications?

SeamlessMD’s digital care journeys allow healthcare providers to engage and monitor patients with a mobile or web-enabled, virtual companion that guides them from pre-op preparation through post-op recovery. Providers monitor patient compliance, symptoms and recovery progress (e.g. temperature, pain levels, incision photos, etc.). They receive alerts and monitor dashboards to identify when a patient's health status changes, enabling providers to intervene sooner to prevent surgical complications. To learn more on how leading healthcare organizations have utilized SeamlessMD for improved clinical outcomes, check out these case studies: https://seamless.md/case-studies

Can different service lines within a health system use SeamlessMD?

Yes, SeamlessMD is often used by multiple departments and service lines across a health system. Digital care journeys are available for open heart surgery, TAVR/TAVI, interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder surgery, spine surgery, surgical oncology (pancreas, liver, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and breast cancer), oncology (chemotherapy, radiation therapy and survivorship), general thoracic, esophagectomy, robotic bronchoscopy, colorectal, bariatrics, foregut, hernia, endocrine surgery, emergency general surgery, urology, gynecology, maternity care, heart failure, COPD, mental health and many more.

Does SeamlessMD support multiple languages?

Yes. SeamlessMD can support multiple languages, including English, French, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, Punjabi and many others.

How is SeamlessMD different from other patient engagement, remote patient monitoring or virtual care platforms?

Unlike other solutions, SeamlessMD provides an extensive digital care plan library that spans across surgery, oncology, maternity care, chronic disease, and other medical episodes of care. This makes it easier for a health system to use ONE platform system-wide, thereby reducing the time spent on staff training, education and managing multiple platforms. Our easy-to-use, intuitive app seamlessly guides patients before, during, and after hospitalization through their personalized digital care journey. With 30+ clinical studies or evaluations, SeamlessMD has the strongest and largest body of clinical evidence, across the most clinical specialties, which gives health systems confidence that our solution can succeed across all departments and service lines. Our integration with leading EHR solutions like Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and Meditech makes it easy for health systems to integrate with SeamlessMD. The EHR integration streamlines patient enrollment on SeamlessMD and it makes it easier for staff to receive alerts and monitor patients.